In maths this week we have started a new topic on measure. We are looking at different ways to measure and the unit of measure used. We started off on Monday by looking at height and the children had to put themselves in height order. We have then moved on to using nonstandard units of measure such as cubes. The children have found measure quite tricky so we will continue for the rest of the week. 

Firework Art

This week we have been looking at fireworks and the reasons we may use them. The children spent time describing what they look like and giving them names. The children then used paint to create the fireworks in the sky. Needless to say they loved it! 


The latest book that we are reading in class is called ‘The Smartest Giant In Town’ by Julia Donaldson. The children have all fallen in love with George the giant, so our maths lesson today was based on the ‘smarties’ giant in town. The children spent the lesson counting in two’s and using a technique called arrays to display the smarties in their books. The children were then allowed to bring the smarties home as a treat at the end of the day.


This week the children have returned to school with tales of fireworks and bonfires. The children were very keen to show us what the fireworks looked like. We used the splatter paint technique to light up the dark paper and used nice bright paint to create the fireworks. There was definitely more on the walls, tables, chairs and children than on the paper! All the children thoroughly enjoyed art this week.


In maths today we have been looking at fractions. We made pizzas to look at half and a whole. The children decided they would prefer a whole pizza rather than just a half! They also decided they did not like mushrooms but some of them were very brave and tried them anyway.


In maths today the children have enjoyed learning about position and direction with the help of their favorite teddy bear. We used directional language such as above, below and next to, moving on to left and right. Tomorrow we are looking at rotation and moving around whole and half turns.

Drumming Workshop

This afternoon the Year 1 children took part in a drumming workshop. They absolutely loved it and all the children were fully absorbed in the volume and pace of the session.



On Thursday 28th September Years 1 & 2 had a trip to Eureka in Halifax. For some of the children it was their first time but for others they were old hands and seemed very familiar with the museum. We started with a short play in the sand pit before a brief safety talk and entering the museum. The children started their day by exploring the bank and M&S. After having spent up and bought several trolley loads of food, the children became mechanics and post people. Before lunch the children got to explore the sensory area and even bumped into the actress  Suranne Jones! After a well timed refuel in the cafe and a couple of trips to the toilet, the children made their way to the theatre. For all the children it was their first time as ‘Goo-ologists’! The children made, snot, sick and poo whilst the adults wished the work shop had been before lunch as they were starting to feel a little queasy. The children were enamored to learn how the body functioned and why we did certain things. As you can imagined, the children loved the workshop. The children then had half an hour to explore the mind and body exhibit before heading back to school.

We all enjoyed the trip and can not wait to our next one.

The Cat in the hat.

The children are currently studying the book ‘The Cat in the hat’. The children have made tall stripey alphabet hats. They have also spent time sorting out Thing one and Thing two’s maths challenges. Today the children wrote lovely character descriptions of the cat and what he looked like as well as creating some amazing masks. The children have really embraced the book and I am planning on some drama tomorrow to see what else Thing one and Thing two might get up to!



This week in science, the children have been learning all about balloons and why they float. We created two rockets that shot along a track by letting the air out of the balloons.


All the children really enjoyed learning new words in science, such as predication and observation. They predicted which balloon would win the race and with real enthusiasm they cheered them on.

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