The children are loving our Katie Morag themed literacy. They have been reading her stories and following her adventures on the BBC. The children have written character descriptions and acted out Katie Morag Delivers the Mail. 

Tea Party

Yesterday Class 1 enjoyed a wonderful Tea party with lots of food and drink. The children told their families all about ‘The Tiger who came to Tea’ and their topic on living history. On behalf of all the children, Miss Gibson and myself, We would like to wish you all a happy holiday and we will see you in two weeks. 

Egg Trail

All the children enjoyed a classic treasure hunt today. They had to find an egg, read the clue and then they got to eat the chocolate inside. I can honestly say they are the most competitive children in the world!

Cannon Hall Farm

Last Thursday  we enjoyed a fabulous day at Cannon Hall farm. The sun shone, the children were full of interest and the animals were awake!

After arriving safely, the children enjoyed a snack and a visit to the meerkats.

They then visited the sheep and enjoyed some sheep racing. They picked their favourite colour and shouted their loudest to encourage them to win.







We then enjoyed a super talk on the sheep and lambs. The children were fascinated and asked some fantastic questions. Lunch followed shortly after with all the children tucking into their lovely packed lunches. A meerkat talk and a visit to the pigs was next on the agenda. All the children loved feeding the animals and made sure they washed their hands after. A good run around the park finally wore them out, and us! I think the children really enjoyed this trip and another trip locally to look at the Cragg Coiners will follow next half term.




Mrs Paynter & Mrs Goulden

A Visit from the Dog’s Trust

Today we met the beautiful Winnie, a friendly education dog from The Dog’s Trust! LJ, her human, told us all about the work of the trust and talked about how we should care for our dogs.



We learned about healthy food for dogs to eat and things that are poisonous to dogs; we looked at some gruesome roundworms, some ticks and some fleas and discovered ways to protect our canine friends from these pests; we looked at a microchip and even practiced picking up a pretend dog poo in a poo bag!



We also talked about what to do if we encounter an unknown dog when we are in the park or out and about and how to stay safe. At the end of the session we got the chance to give Winnie a stroke (after introducing ourselves with a hand sniff of course) and everyone has had a leaflet to take home to share with their families.




This week the children have been learning about directions. To put these into practice, we built our own mini assault course in the hall and in partners they had to guide eachother through safely. The children went under, over, around, half turn and a full turn to get tothe other end. Directions really can be tricky! PICT1744 PICT1748 PICT1750

Mrs Paynter

Road Safety in Year1

PICT1652 PICT1653

Year 1 had a visitor this week called Teddy. He was brought in by Calderdale’s road safety team. The purpose of his visit was to highlight to all the children how important wearing a seat belt in the car was. All the children really enjoyed sitting in the car seat and checking out the seat belt whilst practicing doing it up and undoing it. The children were then sent home with a story on Teddy and being in the car to share with their families. A great visit which the children really enjoyed.

Welcome to Year 1

Welcome back after a lovely few weeks off school. I greeted the children on Tuesday morning with the biggest smiles on their faces ready to tell me all about their holidays. Our first few days have been very enjoyable with us all getting to know one another. The children have enjoyed alphabet bingo and phonics lotto whilst learning the ‘are’ sound this week. We have also enjoyed looking at different types of weather in relation to hot and cold countries and dressing up ready to face the cold.

In literacy we have been looking at our families and where we live. This has been in relation to the suffix ‘est’ so you child may tell you you are the tallest in their family or even the hairiest!

In maths we have started to look at 2d shapes. The children have identified them and even searched the school looking for objects that are 2d shapes.

All the children seem very happy and content and I am sure this is a sign of a fantastic start to 2017,

Thank you, Mrs Paynter



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