Cannon Hall Farm

Last Thursday  we enjoyed a fabulous day at Cannon Hall farm. The sun shone, the children were full of interest and the animals were awake!

After arriving safely, the children enjoyed a snack and a visit to the meerkats.

They then visited the sheep and enjoyed some sheep racing. They picked their favourite colour and shouted their loudest to encourage them to win.







We then enjoyed a super talk on the sheep and lambs. The children were fascinated and asked some fantastic questions. Lunch followed shortly after with all the children tucking into their lovely packed lunches. A meerkat talk and a visit to the pigs was next on the agenda. All the children loved feeding the animals and made sure they washed their hands after. A good run around the park finally wore them out, and us! I think the children really enjoyed this trip and another trip locally to look at the Cragg Coiners will follow next half term.




Mrs Paynter & Mrs Goulden

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