Art Week

What a week!

We have had a wonderful Art week this week.  The children have learnt to splatter paint, pointillium, collage, finger printing and made 3d lighthouses. All the children have had a fantastic time and really enjoyed themselves. 


Today we had a very exciting trip to Tesco in Sowerby Bridge. The children enjoyed finding lots of different fruit and vegetables and the cost to the shopper. They then looked at the sort of food which had added sugar in and which was healthy. After visiting the walk in fridge and freezer the children were ready for a snack of freshly prepared fruit. All the children enjoyed the trip and can not wait for the next one!


We have kicked off this week with weight. The children have really enjoyed estimating how much things weigh and comparing their estimations. We used sand as our unit of non-standard measure and found lots of different objects around the classroom to weigh and compare.

Maths measuring challenge

This week the children have been amazing in their maths lessons so we have been able to re-visit past topics very quickly. Today the topic was measure and the children thouroughly enjoyed measuring each other and estimating their heights. The children then put themselves in height order according to their estimating and this proved they needed to work on their technique a little!


This week in maths we have been learning to double and halve any given number up to 20. The children have spent time playing dominoes to give them an idea of how to double a number. They have loved this activity and even asked to play at playtime!



The children have loved the weather this week so we decided to take our PE lesson outside. The children have been learning the skills of throwing and catching along with the ‘under and over’ game. Our next steps are to learn to hold a rounders bat and try to hit a ball.


The children are loving our Katie Morag themed literacy. They have been reading her stories and following her adventures on the BBC. The children have written character descriptions and acted out Katie Morag Delivers the Mail. 

Tea Party

Yesterday Class 1 enjoyed a wonderful Tea party with lots of food and drink. The children told their families all about ‘The Tiger who came to Tea’ and their topic on living history. On behalf of all the children, Miss Gibson and myself, We would like to wish you all a happy holiday and we will see you in two weeks. 

Egg Trail

All the children enjoyed a classic treasure hunt today. They had to find an egg, read the clue and then they got to eat the chocolate inside. I can honestly say they are the most competitive children in the world!

Cannon Hall Farm

Last Thursday  we enjoyed a fabulous day at Cannon Hall farm. The sun shone, the children were full of interest and the animals were awake!

After arriving safely, the children enjoyed a snack and a visit to the meerkats.

They then visited the sheep and enjoyed some sheep racing. They picked their favourite colour and shouted their loudest to encourage them to win.







We then enjoyed a super talk on the sheep and lambs. The children were fascinated and asked some fantastic questions. Lunch followed shortly after with all the children tucking into their lovely packed lunches. A meerkat talk and a visit to the pigs was next on the agenda. All the children loved feeding the animals and made sure they washed their hands after. A good run around the park finally wore them out, and us! I think the children really enjoyed this trip and another trip locally to look at the Cragg Coiners will follow next half term.




Mrs Paynter & Mrs Goulden

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