Measuring madness!

Following our quick morning work out in the compound we entered the classroom to find 4 different measuring stations. Station 1 – Temperature 🤒 , Station 2 – Weight, Station 3  – Measure and Station 4 – capacity! Grams, millilitres, degrees Celsius and meters we learnt and recorded them all. The classroom got a little bit wet but we managed to stay dry! Thanks to Miss Smith for mopping up.


Exploring land, ocean and space…

Year 2  spent the first week of the new half term being intrepid explorers. Searching new lands, diving to the bottom of oceans and rocketing into space. Taking a trip back in time they have met Christopher Columbus, William Beebe, Otis Barton and Neil Armstrong.

A sad but busy end to the half term!

Year 2 had a busy but sad end to the half term as we said ‘bon voyage’ to Micha who has left us to go on his travels. With our very own intrepid explorer leaving we threw a party. In keeping with our healthy eating theme we designed healthy balanced party food menu. Well done Maisy who designed the winning menu it was delicious.

See you all after the holidays. Have a lovely break.

Map work, playground quiz, exercise and a woodland walk!

Well year 2 did  it all on our trip to Manor Heath Park. In the lovely autumn sunshine we learnt about compass directions, forces and different types of trees. We met a few squirrels on the way and even someone’s mum popped up to say hello. We couldn’t leave before the children tested out the playground equipment giving Mrs Greenwood a fright as they scaled the dizzy heights of huge climbing frame.

Money, money, money!

It’s all about money this week in year 2. Making our own coin lines to help answer questions like ‘Is the largest coin always worth the most? If not why not? Is £1.00 worth more or less than two 50ps? Before we shop until we drop!

Library seating arrived!

At last our new seating for our class library arrived. They were quickly put to use as our reading volunteers made themselves at home!

What a sticky situation!

Year 2 spent the morning giving instructions on how to make a jam sandwich! Hoping not to attract 2 million wasps they commanded the kitchen staff to get, chop, separate, spread, scoop and cut as they had prepared for them a most delicious treat!

Calling all scientists!

An urgent call was made to Year 2 this week Dirty Bertie was looking for advice on how to improve his personal hygiene. Soap and warm water, warm water, cold water our budding Scientists tested them all! They ensured the test was a fair one, made predictions and recorded the results.

A delicious start to the new term!

The new year 2 have had a delicious start to the new year looking at food, glorious food! The children have written about their favourite food, drawn their favourite food and even turned into poets to tell everyone what they looooove about food! The children have also been looking at where there food comes and what is meant by a balanced diet.

Skipton Castle

On Monday Year 1 went to Skipton Castle. We set off at 9.15 with 22 excited children. After a quick detour, we arrived at the castle at 10.30. Having had a snack and a drink of water, we headed off for our tour. The children found out about murder holes, the Lords bedroom, the dungeon and best of all the toilet! After having lunch we played games in the shade and set off back to the mini buses. A fantastic day was had by all and a definite favourite with all the children.

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