Where do you live Mr Wolf?

Mr Wolf returned to class today and agreed to answer our questions. The children found out about his brother, his favourite food and where he lives! To make sure he felt at home we made a forest scene using twigs, leaves and bark. He’s promised to come back next week because he has something very important to tell us.

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Year 2 had a busy first day back. The big, bad wolf visited and we found out he was mean, fearless and viscious! Our favourite traditional tale character ate grandma, blew down the pigs house and swallowed Little Red Riding Hood whole! All before we asked him – What time is it Mr Wolf?

Who will guide my sleigh tonight?


Santa made a visit to Year 2 this week looking for someone to guide his sleigh. Despite the cold and fog we managed to find Santa a red nosed reindeer! In our good to be different week Year 2 have been writing stories, designing book covers and writing blurbs!

What a great end to a fantastic term. Thank you to all parents for the amazing support with reading and spellings. Our progress is off the chart!

Have a lovely Christmas and we will see you in the new year!

Mrs Greenwood


Disaster in the ocean!

Our very own intrepid explorer Mr Barker found himself in a sticky situation when his wet suit ripped! He called in the team of year 2 scientists to test  which material would be most suitable for mending his suit. Fair testing, absorbency, suitability we discussed them all. Looking at the available materials and after some rigorous testing we decided the plastic bag was the best material because it was both waterproof and flexible.

Explorers and their discoveries!

Year 2 spent the morning meeting animals from around the world! From Africa to South America to Australia. We met snakes, spiders, snails and even some rodents!

Budding artists exploring the plants of the Amazon Rainforest!

Year 2 spent the afternoon with Miss Smith showing off their artistic talents. Drawing on the work of famous explorer Margaret Mee they used water colours to paint some of the exotic plants she found!

Is it a bird, is it a plane no it’s Flat Stanley!

Year 2 have spent this morning getting to know Flat Stanley. Brave, kind and helpful he has impressed us all. Mr and Mrs Lambchop can’t keep up with him as he slides under doors, flies high in the sky and sneaks through the neighbours’ letter boxes.

What a day!

Year 2 joined in our local film festival today with a trip to the cinema to see Ferdinand! The children had a fantastic time and were even treated to popcorn! Arriving back at school for a late lunch Miss Smith had planned some ‘array’ madness! Rows, columns, groups of, lots of we looked at them all! We even built our own class number line as Adrien taught us to count in French.

A big thank you to Mr Hughes who kindly gave up his time to be our driver for the day.

Measuring madness!

Following our quick morning work out in the compound we entered the classroom to find 4 different measuring stations. Station 1 – Temperature 🤒 , Station 2 – Weight, Station 3  – Measure and Station 4 – capacity! Grams, millilitres, degrees Celsius and meters we learnt and recorded them all. The classroom got a little bit wet but we managed to stay dry! Thanks to Miss Smith for mopping up.


Exploring land, ocean and space…

Year 2  spent the first week of the new half term being intrepid explorers. Searching new lands, diving to the bottom of oceans and rocketing into space. Taking a trip back in time they have met Christopher Columbus, William Beebe, Otis Barton and Neil Armstrong.

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