A delicious start to the new term!

The new year 2 have had a delicious start to the new year looking at food, glorious food! The children have written about their favourite food, drawn their favourite food and even turned into poets to tell everyone what they looooove about food! The children have also been looking at where there food comes and what is meant by a balanced diet.

Skipton Castle

On Monday Year 1 went to Skipton Castle. We set off at 9.15 with 22 excited children. After a quick detour, we arrived at the castle at 10.30. Having had a snack and a drink of water, we headed off for our tour. The children found out about murder holes, the Lords bedroom, the dungeon and best of all the toilet! After having lunch we played games in the shade and set off back to the mini buses. A fantastic day was had by all and a definite favourite with all the children.

Wedding Bells

Today we had the most beautiful wedding. Ava and Frankie, our bride and groom dressed to impressed and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. All the children took part in the ceremony from photographer to witnesses. What a very valuable learning experience for all the children and an absolute pleasure to be part of the proceedings. 


This week we had a visit from the RNLI to talk to the children about water safety. The children learnt all about when they could swim safely and what all the different flags on the beach mean. The children actively took part in the assembly and seemed to enjoy it.

Plants Plants Plants!

Year 1 have been enjoying a science topic this half term all about plants. We have spent a considerable amount of time outside looking at our school wildlife garden and identifying wild flowers and garden flowers. We have then grown some beans from seed and planted them into the school vegetable garden after weeding and preparing the area. Yesterday the children were looking at leaves through magnifying glasses and trying to identify their tree of origin.

Fruity Fun!!

Today we had lots of fun investigating our fruit that we brought from home, we talked about the kind of countries these fruits come from and what they need to grow. Then we got to taste the yummy fruit and we used lots of interesting adjectives to describe them. Look at our pictures of the funny fruit faces we made too!!


Exploring the Wildlife Garden and planting our seeds

Yesterday we had so much fun, exploring the school wildlife garden, we all put our wellies on and set off on our adventure. We discovered many different things growing in the planters, greenhouse and pond. We also found a bug hotel and some bird feeders.

Blackpool Zoo

We had a fantastic day at Blackpool Zoo. From leaving school to arriving at the zoo the children chatted with their friends and were truly excited to be going to see the lions and tigers. On arrival the children spotted the small primates and they had some gorgeous babies. It was very smelly with lots of poo which they all loved! After walking through the wallabies and roaring at the wolves we went to see the sea-lion show. The children loved watching them balance balls on their noses, fetch rings, clap and kiss. After lunch we went to see the lions and tigers. The children made a huge lion roaring noise which the male lion reciprocated scaring the children half to death! The children all agreed that the giraffes were definitely their favorite because they were so tall and could turn their necks all the way round. As always the children’s behavior was exemplary and it was a pleasure to take them.

Lost and Found

The children have been looking at penguins over the last week. They have looked at a non fiction text and answered reading comprehension questions and a fiction text called Lost and Found. The children have really embraced this story and enjoyed deciding what the boy might need on his journey and creating found posters for the penguin. In science the children had to decide what the best material would be to make a boat to take the boy and penguin to the South Pole. We then looked at the ideal properties, built and decorated the boats and sailed them on our own rough ocean. The children really enjoyed this activity although some of the boats did sink!

Better Living Day

Today the better living team came to school to visit the children. They spent time in every year group working on different aspects of health and exercise. In Year 1, Anthony came to talk to the children about bedtime routines. He explained it very clearly and in terms that the children would understand. “What happens when your battery gets low on your Ipad or tablet?” The children replied with, “We plug it in to charge the battery.” Anthony then explained that the children were the same as a battery and they needed sleep to recharge their batteries. He then went through the ideal bedtime routine:

Exercise through the day


Bed in a cool room.

Small glass of milk

Brush teeth

Bedtime story

Quiet calm room

Same bedtime every night.

The children then went for a session of Yoga and games in the hall. All the children really enjoyed learning and understanding about their health.

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